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Unlock Your Domino Investment.

Harness AI for Growth.

What We Do

  • Usage and Complexity Analysis *
  • Domino data migration to SQL, SharePoint, PDF, HTML, JSON *
  • Align AI integration with business objectives through Discovery & Business Alignment Workshops.
  • Analyze and prepare Domino data for AI compatibility using RAG/ETL processes, normalization, and data cleansing.
  • Develop and integrate tailored AI models, leveraging Domino’s rich knowledge base.
  • Empower users through training, collaboration, and continuous feedback.
  • Establish governance and security frameworks to ensure responsible and compliant AI usage.
  • Iteratively refine and expand AI integration based on performance metrics and user feedback.

* Currently, every Domino migration partner in the world.


Discovery & Business Alignment Workshops

Binary Advisers conducts in-depth assessments of an organization’s existing Domino environment to align technology with business objectives and create tailored transformation plans.

Data Analysis, Compliance, Archiving and Migration

Perform comprehensive analysis of Domino data, security, and design, and provide services such as ETL processes, data normalization, cleansing, archiving, and migration to ensure data quality and compliance with all of your processes, systems, and AI.

Digital Transformation Strategy Prioritization & Applicatioin Transformation Including Gen AI

We provide in-depth analysis, strategic planning, and expert guidance to support your digital transformation journey. Our services include Power User interviews, workflow process definition and alignment, socio-cultural transformation alignment, and application transformation including AI such as RAG and multi-agent frameworks.

Integrating Generative AI with Domino: Unlocking the Value of Trapped Knowledge

The combination of Domino’s rich knowledge and the advanced capabilities of Generative AI creates a powerful synergy that can transform the way your business operates and delivers value to your customers. We develop and integrate tailored AI solutions that leverage your Domino knowledge , empowering users through training, collaboration, and continuous feedback. We establish governance and security frameworks for responsible and compliant AI usage, while iteratively refining and expanding AI integration based on performance metrics and user feedback, ensuring maximum impact and success.

We partnered with our European partner BCC for a series of webinars for your Domino investment.

Domino Transformation

All pricing is per database which includes the following services. No hidden charges.

  • Analysis & Strategy
  • Email Migration
  • Archiving & Compliance
  • Data Migration to any destination
  • SharePoint, Teams, DataVerse, SQL, MongoDB
  • Security mapping
  • PowerApps (and others) Application Transformation support
  • Generative AI Integration - Crucial!
  • Up to 1,000 documents per second

Born from the best Domino company in the world!


Thousands of customers all over the world


Official migration company for Microsoft from Domino to Office 365


Run by ex co-CEO, Henry Bestritsky

Why Us

What exactly do you do?

We represent a new era in legacy data and application transformation.

Domino is your company’s lifeline to the future and should be treated that way. It’s no longer about migrating and archiving, it’s about having a reliable partner to help guide you by presenting you with all the options.

Do you migrate off Domino?

We can migrate you completely off Domino including Email.  We have proprietary analysis tools and processes which go way beyond the traditional size, usage, and complexity metrics most tools use (more info in FAQ below).  We have deep experience in migrating off the platform.  After all, we come from the best Domino migration company in the world.. Binary Tree. You will know all the options and risks.


Do you migrate to Microsoft and SharePoint / Teams?

Every Binary Adviser must pass Microsoft AI 900 certification exam before joining the team. We can migrate to SharePoint, but also leverage Azure OpenAI to set up a secure Gen AI environment,

To achieve this, we have modernized our analysis and migration tools including the processes that leverage them.

We migrate to any Microsoft environment such as SharePoint, Teams, Dataverse, and integrate with Azure OpenAI. We can even migrate forms and code to PowerApps.


I don't care about Generative AI, I just want to migrate off Domino.

Migrating off Domino is our heritage and we have been doing this via Binary Tree for over 25 years. It’s good to know that during our process, we will provide the proper analysis (no charge) in case you want to revisit Gen AI in the future. Considering how Gen AI is taking over the planet, we feel you will.

Do I need to migrate off Domino to use you?

You do not need migrate off Domino to leverage our services.  Our goal is to help you leverage your Domino investment. After our analysis we will leave you with a clear understanding of your migration options including risks and budgets. Furthermore, you will have a clear undestanding how your data can be leveraged in Generative AI initiatives such as Microsoft Copilot. We are completely agnostic, we just want you succeed.

Domino Analysis: How are you different?

All current analysis tools (which you can count on one hand) exist based one simple premise.  How can you be sold migration software?  They all focus on mostly on usage, size, and complexity.  They are perfect if you want to archive your Domino data into a PDF and attach it in SharePoint with some meta data. 

Our analysis is part of a process to clearly understand how the data can not only be used for migration, but also  of how to create a viable Gen AI environment.

For example, we have workflow monitoring to understand who, what, when, and how long of a specific workflow action within a Domino application in order to craft the best prompt possible and have if validated by the person in the workflow.

We detect and combine similar data from applications even though they may appear completely different in your company as Domino apps.

Properly aligned and structured data is critical for successful Gen AI implementations if that what you wish. Oh, did we mention that it’s Free?  🙂


Why can't I migrate to PDFs and attach in SharePoint like the good old days?

You can, but we feel that your company will be missing a huge opportunity.  Gen AI is a cataclysmic change that requires good quality data.  By taking it out of it’s home environment and “dehydrating” it, you are pretty much stripping out all of the details that are required for proper Gen AI implementation such as prompting.  We are not saying that you should not migrate, but it is important to properly structure the data for maximum ingestion into Gen AI and then migrate.

The old migration tools were simply not built for this.  Just look at their UIs from the last century. Furthermore, if you don’t use SharePoint, do you really want your “dehydrated” data in some rudimentary portal controlled by a relatively tiny company?

What exactly are you offering again?

We are the best and frankly the last Domino experts (and related partners) in the world all on the same team. We are constantly growing and expanding.  More importantly, we are not sitting still.  Just check out our videos.