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Power DOCOVA provides flexible solutions to help customers drive their digital transformation vision forward.  

Their Notes and Domino migration services are the MOST comprehensive on the planet to suit whatever your needs may be.

Low-cost, Low-risk, Low-code

From DevOps and managing and updating your migrated apps. To easily building and deploying new business applications, for over 20 years, they have been trusted Partners that helped countless companies get off Lotus Notes and start their new digital transformation journey.

“AI won’t replace people—but
people who use AI will replace people who don’t.” 

IBM Institute For Business Value, July, 2023

Migrating Notes Mail to Outlook – Archive Notes Mail.

For over 20 years, DOCOVA plays an integral role in successfully transitioning everyone off Notes Mail to Outlook/MS365. From messages to folders, calendars, contacts and more. 

Trust DOCOVA to help you move your mail system to your ultimate digital transformation target.What’s more is we can also help you archive your old user mailboxes into DOCOVA Mail Archive templates, a great option for moving forward..

Just DATA?

Sometimes organizations only want the data from their Notes application for 3rd party solutions or their own in-house solutions like Generative AI.

Easily extract your Notes application data to formats like EML, CSV, HTML, JSON, PDF or to relational databases like Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL? We’ve got you covered.

Migrate or Retire Your Notes Apps to SharePoint, MS Teams, MS 365.

Since the early days of Power DOCOVA, they’ve had a strong commitment to flexible migration solutions. From simple field and PDF style migrations, to full fidelity migrations that preserve security and functionality through SharePoint, MS Teams and MS 365.

The flexibility of Power DOCOVA is indispensible when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on a client, and ensuring their final product both looks and works great.DOCOVA to help you move your mail system to your ultimate digital transformation target.

Migrate Your Advanced and Complex Notes Applications.

Power DOCOVA delivers the most comprehensive migration strategy available to Notes and Domino customers who are looking for the best, low-cost, low-risk transformation solution.

This is where Power DOCOVA truly shines. Leverage your existing investment in your business applications and resources with the unparalleled migration tools of Power DOCOVA. The Power DOCOVA migration tools migrate the design, Formula and Command languages, LotusScript and full security or your Notes apps to a modern low-code solution integrated with SharePoint, MS Teams, MS 365, Power Automate, MS Office and more.


What exactly do you do?

We represent a new era in legacy data and application transformation.

We educate, advise and execute. We create customized approaches with regard to your legacy data like Domino, InfoPath, Mainframe, and more.

With regard to Gen AI, we analyze , hold workshops, educate, but more importantly produce your first private and secure Generative AI experience. Our goal is not only to migrate you (if that is what you wish,) but also for you to see real ROI results while being educated on Generative AI with your own data such as Domino.  We create customized approaches from Prompt Engineering to Private LLM Training while helping you to properly archive and migrate your legacy data (if needed).

We want you to overcome Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) around Gen AI and actually use your data in a complete secure environment such Microsoft Azure OpenAI or your own behind the firewall.  Our workshops are designed not only to educate you, but also the employees connected to your specific business needs.

Your legacy data is your companies lifeline to the future and should be treated that way.

I have limited knowledge about Gen AI and just played around with ChatGPT. Are you the right fit?

sYou are in the 99 percentile and you are our perfect customer. The best way to answer the question is to show you a bit of the process.  Here is an example of our Prompt Creation process in making your Domino applications alive again. We want to leave you with a clear understanding if Gen AI is right for your company.  The process below is called “The Millennial”.  It is meant to quickly enable a millennial that starts in your company by providing key enablement insights with proven prompts.

Note: Other customized workshops focused more on Gen AI education are available before diving into Prompt Engineering. 


 The “Millennial” Prompt Engineering Workshop *

 Define the Objective: Clearly define what you want to extract or learn from the data. The clearer the objective, the better the prompts will be.

  1. Understand the Data: Analyze Domino data.  More on that in a separate FAQ
  2. Privacy Concerns:
    • Identify any personally identifiable information (PII) in the data.
    • Determine if there are any legal or ethical considerations.
    • Decide on anonymization techniques if needed.
  3. Draft Prompts: Based on the objective, draft potential prompts that can help extract the required information.
  4. Test Prompts: Test the drafted prompts on a small subset of data to see if they yield the desired results.
  5. Refine and Iterate: Based on the results, refine the prompts. This might involve rephrasing, making prompts more specific, or creating new prompts.
  6. Implement Security Measures: Ensure that the environment where the prompts will be used is secure. This includes measures like encryption, restricted access, and regular audits.
  7. Feedback Loop: After deploying the prompts, continuously gather feedback on their effectiveness and make necessary adjustments.
  8. Regular Reviews: Regularly review and update the prompts as the nature of the data or the objective might change over time.
  9. Documentation: Document the process, the prompts used, any iterations made, and the reasons behind them. This aids in transparency and accountability.

* This is an example.  Workshops are customized to your needs.


Do you migrate off Domino?

We can migrate you completely off Domino including Email.  We have proprietary analysis tools and processes which go way beyond the traditional size, usage, and complexity metrics most tools use (more info in FAQ below).  We have deep experience in migrating off the platform.  After all, we come from the best Domino migration company in the world.. Binary Tree.


Do you migrate to Microsoft and SharePoint / Teams?

Every Binary Adviser must pass Microsoft AI 900 certification exam before joining the team. We can migrate to SharePoint, but also leverage Azure OpenAI to set up a secure Gen AI environment,

To achieve this, we have modernized our analysis and migration tools including the processes that leverage them.

If you want to migrate from Domino to Microsoft, we think it’s a crime to leverage the old archaic tools that strip the Domino data of essential attributes that are required for Gen AI adoption.  We feel that structurally, Domino is the perfect legacy data repository for Gen AI if it’s properly analyzed, classified, and migrated.

Note: If you wish, you can connect live Domino data to Gen AI and partially migrate or not at all.

I don't care about Generative AI, I just want to migrate off Domino.

Migrating off Domino is our heritage and we have been doing this via Binary Tree for over 25 years. It’s good to know that during our process, we will provide the proper analysis (no charge) in case you want to revisit Gen AI in the future. Considering how Gen AI is taking over the planet, we feel you will.

Do I need to migrate off Domino to use you?

You do not need migrate off Domino to leverage our services.  We can directly connect to your live Domino (and other) data.  Our goal is to help you leverage your Domino data and to leave you with extensive Gen AI knowledge and how your company and employees can benefit in reality, not just conjecture. Furthermore, we want to leave you knowledgeable about Generative AI, especially when it comes to your business and data.

After our analysis we will leave you with a clear understanding of your migration options including risks and budgets.


Domino Analysis: How are you different?

All current analysis tools (which you can count on one hand) exist based one simple premise.  How can you be sold migration software?  They all focus on mostly on usage, size, and complexity.  They are perfect if you want to archive your Domino data into a PDF and attach it in SharePoint with some meta data. 

Our analysis is part of a process to clearly understand how the data can not only be used for migration, but also  of how to create a viable Gen AI environment.

For example, we have workflow monitoring to understand who, what, when, and how long of a specific workflow action within a Domino application in order to craft the best prompt possible and have if validated by the person in the workflow.

We detect and combine similar data from applications even though they may appear completely different in your company as Domino apps.

Properly aligned and structured data is critical for successful Gen AI implementations.


Why can't I migrate to PDFs and attach in SharePoint like the good old days?

You can, but we feel that your company will be missing a huge opportunity.  Gen AI is a cataclysmic change that requires good quality data.  By taking it out of it’s home environment and “dehydrating” it, you are pretty much stripping out all of the details that are required for proper Gen AI implementation such as prompting.  We are not saying that you should not migrate, but it is important to properly structure the data for maximum ingestion into Gen AI and then migrate.

The old migration tools were simply not built for this.  Just look at their UIs from the last century. Furthermore, if you don’t use SharePoint, do you really want your “dehydrated” data in some rudimentary portal controlled by a relatively tiny company?

What exactly are you offering again?

We are offering you the opportunity to personally advance on Generative AI while benefiting your company and your fellow employees. Considering what is going on in the world, we feel that it is critical for you and your companies success.

On a personal note from Henry: I have been around Domino since the early nineties and I would love nothing more than to have Domino leapfrog into the Gen AI race Just look at the “I am” video above and replace it with Gen AI. The vision was always there.


Born from the best Domino MIGRATION company in the world!


Thousands of customers migrated all over the world


Official migration company for Microsoft from Domino to Office 365


Run by ex co-CEO, Henry Bestritsky