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Partners for Progress in the Digital Age

In our ever-changing world, you need technology that readily evolves with whatever comes next. As your trusted partner for dynamic digital transformation, we help you imagine, design, build, and optimize cloud-native, data-driven solutions. 

“Driving an AI project is becoming increasingly important not only from a business standpoint, but also from the standpoint of career progression.”

Gregg KravatzVP, AI Solutions

Are you AI ready?
Generative AI is the new norm.

We project the potential future state and
then backcast to identify critical areas
of investment needed to jump-start your
AI-enabled journey. 

Every solution, every architecture, every product, and every project at DataArt is designed and done considering AI as a first-class citizen. You don’t have an EV, but your house is built with a place for an EV charger. Even if the project is not leveraging AI right now, the interface and runway are there. Same goes for your valuable legacy data.

MIA DAMA Generative AI Approach

The MIA DAMA™ is designed for everyone who needs the discovery and feasibility study phases. It is oriented toward both biz and tech stakeholders

Implementing a new AI/ML solution can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. With technology partner like DataArt, you will be supported and guided through every step of the process, even after deployment